Villagers stream ‘A Trick of the Light’

Photo credit: Rich Gilligan

Conor O’Brien’s Villagers return with new album ‘The Art of Pretending to Swim’ (Domino) on 21 September. Ahead of the release, you can watch the striking video for ‘A Trick of the Light’. Directed by Bob Gallagher, the Lynchian video follows a ‘dishevelled shamanist’ as he believes he triggers an altered state of consciousness in everyone he meets.

This perfectly complements the fantastical and heartbreaking nature of the song and its lyrics including the opening: ‘My heart is spilling over, crashing on the ground. I can’t see what’s around me but soon I’ll com around. My faith is in the balance of a million tiny words so I return to silence.’ Conor then goes on to paint a powerful picture as the protagonist wonders about where his journey is taking him: ‘I’ve come so far to get here and I’ve got so far to go’ and then evocatively states ‘we are the dawn and we carry the sun’.



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