flirting. – ‘Peppermint’ stream

flirting. peppermint stream alternative pop indie

Following shows with Night Flowers, Doe and Maison Book Girl, East London alt-art-poppers flirting. have released ‘Peppermint’. The first single from an EP out later this summer, the song finds the band tackling the issue of anxiety about modern issues and how you can overcome them and, in Poppy’s words, ‘be the person to bring the change you need in the world’.

Taking inspiration from their live show, ‘Peppermint’ offers a combination of C86-inspired shoegazing guitars, dual vocals offering different thoughts and worries and a warning of the vindictive nature of certain individuals: ‘You better watch out behind because there are always people waiting for you to fall… The world will just swallow you whole’. Poppy Waring then goes on to explain how it’s better to walk away from things sometimes (‘You’ve gotta search and find, search and find. The truth is always there sometimes. It’s always hiding in plain sight’ amidst intensely angular hooks that are reminiscent of Veronica Falls or early Los Campesinos!



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