Art Brut sign to Alcopop! and unveil new single ‘Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out!’

Art Brut Wham Bang Pow Let's Rock Out

After seven years away, Art Brut have made a welcome return with the enthusiastically titled ‘Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out!’. Now signed to Alcopop! Records, the song opens with Eddie Argos stating ‘I’m just looking for a party’ and it’s one you’ll want to be at. Amidst Gang of Four-esque guitar work, a chanty chorus of the title and punk-rock riffs, Eddie recalls those hazy memories of house parties that people fondly recall – even if they might be difficult at the time: ‘We’ll make some enemies in the kitchen ’cause we don’t care whose booze we’re drinking’; ‘I want to wake up smelling like smoke under a pile of strangers’ coats’.

It then finishes with hushed and whispered admissions that capture the feeling of a return to the real world after a fine night: ‘I don’t want to go home yet, there’s still some people I haven’t met… ‘There’s a fire in my soul and I can’t put it out’.

Art Brut will play a headline show at London’s Boston Music Room on 7 November.


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