Uncle Luc – ‘Forever a Fan’

Uncle Luc Forever a Fan stream new music

Uncle Luc releases a new double A-side single (which you can order – complete with an enamel badge and guitar pick – here) of ‘Sticking to the Rules’ favourite ‘Bones of the Days’ and new song ‘Forever a Fan’.

Written just a few weeks ago, ‘Forever a Fan’ is a nostalgia-fuelled piece of bedroom pop about the fickle nature of the music industry and how you can still love bands for a long time after they’ve finished: ‘My friends no longer care but I still hold them dear. They changed my stratosphere, I’m still a fan.’

Amidst Casio keyboards and banjo, Luc recalls ‘getting buried in that grunge’ before admitting that it ‘wasn’t me’ and professing his love of hip-hop with a reference to Wu-Tang. Clocking in at just over three minutes, the song celebrates how music can shape you and leave you with the fondest memories: ‘By 35, almost all the bands had died but I still qualified as a fan’

WATCH ‘BONES OF THE DAYS’ VIDEO – www.youtube.com/watch?v=wd1c3oWW8Gg



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