Fairy Godmother: Top 5 Influences and Digs

Fairy Godmother Bandcamp Alyssa Thomas

Ahead of the release of her ‘Spit It Out’ EP this Friday, we asked Alyssa Thomas (also known as Fairy Godmother) to talk through her Top 5 Influences and 5 songs she’s enjoying right now…


The Cure– ‘Just Like Heaven’

Truth be told, I didn’t even listen to The Cure until I was like 20, but after hearing this song I was just overtaken by the desire to put chorus effects on everything lmao. Their pop hits are a mood I live in.

Hole– ‘Boys On The Radio’

My writing is heavily influenced by Courtney Love. She always finds a way to write something so that it hits you straight in the fucking gut. She doesn’t cloak what she’s getting at. I love that. I also just love how bright this song feels; it’s happy sonically but heartbreaking lyrically, and that’s something I learned to do.

(Sandy) Alex G– ‘Station’

This song really shaped me from an artistic perspective. Like, how do I paint a picture with words? I would try to replicate some of the things Alex does in this song. I remember listening to “through the bushes into the store; liquor cabinet and out the back door,” and just being like, fuck, that’s such imagery gold. Also, I love crazy drums.

Frankie Cosmos – ‘Too Dark’

Simplicity at its finest, but also the deepest shit ever. I cried to this song ALL THE TIME. You don’t have to make something crazy intricate to extract emotion. Also, I admire Greta’s singing style so much.

Pavement – ‘Harness Your Hopes’

Okay if you want 3:26 of perfect AND slant rhymes  (which I love), look no further. Combine that with a killer slacker rock vibe and I’m perpetually attached.



Japanese Breakfast – ’12 Steps’

I’ve been listening to ’12 Steps’ by Japanese Breakfast every day since it came out last year. EVERY TIME it gives me chills.

Sidney Gish – ‘Sin Triangle’

I’m really into Sidney Gish right now also, and I love that song ‘Sin Triangle’. She’s a brilliant writer and I can’t wait to hear more from her.

Noname – ‘Diddy Bop’

In preparation for the new Noname album, I’ve been listening to Diddy Bop a crazy amount. That song is so damn catchy and original. So much talent.

Ariana Grande – ‘Sweetener’

I LOVE ‘Sweetener’ by Ariana Grande. I’ve been doing a full face of unnecessary makeup to this song. I love how 80’s it sounds and then it has this simple piano verse I can’t it’s so good.

Hop Along – ‘How Simple’

I’ve been having a pretty good time screaming ‘How Simple’ by Hop Along in my car on the way home from work. I will never be able to hit those notes she sings, but it’s such a feel good, positive song.


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