Blood Red Shoes – ‘Howl’

Blood Red Shoes Howl

Ahead of two sold-out ‘Singles Night’ shows in London and Brighton and the release of new album ‘Get Tragic’ early next year, Blood Red Shoes have unveiled ‘Howl’.

Written in Laura-Mary Carter’s mother’s kitchen and inspired by the best of ’80s Prince and Janet Jackson, the soulful, electronica-tinged and eminently danceable song is all about realising how at one point you have to stop waiting around and take control of your own life with Laura delivering lines like ‘I lay here in my bed, it’s not over yet’ with power and defiance.

Combining the previously mentioned influences with the whirlwind rock assault of bands like Death From Above is a masterstroke and you’ll want to heed all the warnings delivered during its three minutes: ‘Sit back, roll the dice. Carry on and don’t think twice.’


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