Pizzagirl – ‘Pizza for Christmas’

Pizzagirl Pizza for Christmas stream

‘Lonely This Christmas’, ‘Last Christmas’, ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’… All of the best festive songs have an air of melancholy and sadness running through them and now Pizzagirl has contributed his effort, the aptly titled ‘Pizza for Christmas’.

Pizzagirl’s trademark ’80s synth beats open the song before a voicemail recording of a loved one bailing out of a meet-up is played over the top: ‘I’m really sorry, have a nice Christmas’. Pizzagirl then laments the fact that he’ll be ‘alone with just me and my phone’ over what should be the most wonderful time of the year. You can feel the pain as he ponders over the fact: ‘This year I’ll eat pizza for Christmas, Saint Nick made a fool out of me’.

A sudden urge of optimism streams through the pop hooks as Pizzagirl first demands: ‘Tell all the reindeer I’m doing fine’ before then (possibly) seeing his dream come true in an ending that will give you the same goosebumpy feeling as Tim and Dawn from the UK Office’s first kiss in that festive special: ‘If I hear a knock at my door and I see that it’s you, I know that this is just like my favourite dream and you got out the mistletoe. This year, we’ll eat pizza for Christmas. I always knew that you’d come back around. I won’t be lonely this Christmas. Hearing your voice, there’s just no sweeter sound’

Buy ‘Pizza for Christmas’ here.




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