cheerbleedrz – ‘staying up late’ video

cheerbleedrz staying up late video

‘staying up late’ was one of the highlights from cheerbleedrz’ debut EP ‘faceplant’ (released last year on Alcopop! Buy it digitally from Bandcamp here) and now the London trio have unveiled a magical Sabrina the Teenage Witch-inspired video for the song. Illustrated and animated by Jono Ganz, the video follows a cheerbleedrz fan as they attempt to summon the band into their home.

The 2-and-a-half-minute song opens with a dose of jangly yet punky Muncie Girls-style guitar hooks as the band discuss how they’re getting sick of gossip, ‘staying up late’ (‘I’m so tired I can’t even sleep’) and ‘getting old’. You’ll fall under the spell of cheerbleedrz in no time.


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