SPQR – ‘Slowly’ video

SPQR Slowly stream video puppetd

Liverpool art rockers SPQR have released a brilliantly surrealist video for new single ‘Slowly’. Crafted and directed by drummer Bex Denton and scripted by singer Peter Harrison, the video features a shadow puppet named Timmy who finds himself travelling to the depths of his despair and then back again.

Opening with energetic Everything Everything-style melodies, the song finds Peter pondering what it means to be human and how we rely on each other for comfort: ‘If you can’t stare right down and tell that I’m not where I want to be, what does that make me?’ There’s a piano interlude as he demands ‘Close your eyes love, take the night off, tame the winds that threaten to drown us’ and the band finishes with a flourish that Mew would be proud of as the final defining and reassuring words are delivered with intent: ‘Keep breathing slowly’.

The band are also set to play their biggest hometown show yet at the Liverpool Arts Club Loft on 29 March.



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