Hollow Hand – ‘Milestone’ video

Hollow Hand Milestone video

Brighton-based Hollow Hand has released a video for ‘Milestone’, the latest single to be taken from his acclaimed debut record ‘Star Chamber’ (available from Talkshow Records now). Sitting neatly in a space between the optimism of Americana and the melodic tendencies of Gruff Rhys or Real Estate, the sunshine-infused track is full of romance and daydreams as Max Kinghorn-Mills reminisces about some of his favourite moments (‘Every summer time, I want to leave but I don’t go. I’m happiest when I’m with you all the time’) and reassures himself things are going to get better (‘People get by without trying to fight themselves, we’re all just trying to find our own way out’). It finishes with pining repeats of ‘When I’m with you’, showing just how much of a positive impace this loved one has on his life.




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