Spy from Moscow – ‘Priests of London Fields’

Spy From Moscow Priests of London Fields stream

Spy From Moscow’s new single ‘Priests of London Fields’ is a poignant and evocative ode to times gone by. Poignant and powerful, it opens with haunting Jeff Buckley-style falsetto as SFM states: ‘We are the priests of London fields, heaven help us all’ and ‘I have been lost and I’ve been found drifting on a breeze’.

With sparse bursts of guitar and cello adding extra grandeur, this song is all about how the London Fields ‘used to be a forgotten dark patch of grass but now it’s a place
where people throw BBQs, throw Frisbees, throw shapes and drink tins’. It draws inspiration from old folk music with Spy From Moscow taking on the role of an elder who is trying to make sense of how a serene setting is now home to so much culture and life.

Catch Spy from Moscow on the following UK tour dates:
15 May 2019 St James Wine Vaults BATH
16 May 2019 Retro MANCHESTER
17 May 2019 The Jacaranda LIVERPOOL
23 May 2019 East Street Tap BRIGHTON
30 May 2019 The Green Note LONDON


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