Titus Andronicus – ‘Tumult Around the World’

Titus Andronicus Tumult Around the World

Photo credit: Ray Concepcion

Titus Andronicus have released new single ‘Tumult Around the World’ ahead of the release of their new Bob Mould-produced album ‘An Obelisk’ (out 21 June via Merge). The closing song on the album, ‘Tumult Around the World’ is a power pop-infused ode to compassion, collaboration and cooperation – all things that are much needed in today’s divided world.

With grunge-inspired riffs signalling the start of the song and a wonderfully jaunty bass line, Patrick Stickles offers observations about the complexities of the modern world and the life cycle of the human race: ‘Everywhere there’s someone dying; there’s a woman giving birth. Everywhere there’s someone crying. Tumult around the world.’ As the song builds up in tempo, the band throw in a cheeky Guided by Voices-style guitar solo, an unexpected turn into glam rock and perfectly placed ‘ohh-ah-ohhs’ as Patrick talks about dreaming.



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