Dboy – Aldershot West End Centre, 12 May 2019

If you’ve watched the video for ‘Dboy for President’, you will know that the trio from Welland, Canada tend to do things a little differently. With spokesperson Kirill Kutchokokov, President of The Official Dboy Scout Order (the band themselves never conduct interviews), proudly declaring them ‘superconducters of love’ their tour stopped off in Aldershot to spread their all-inclusive message following three shows in Brighton over The Great Escape week.

With all band members dressed in white with red satin jackets and yellow neckerchiefs, there’s a striking look if you want to be in Dboy – especially with the singer rocking a captain’s hat and the bassist and drummer both rocking out in gimp masks; the former also adopting an especially wide standing stance with his instrument slung very low to give the front row a real eyeful… The band also give a three-finger salute between – and during – every song.

The short, sharp and shouty songs have elements of The Hives while there are also bluesy, punk and DIY influences that fit in the melodic space between Japandroids and The Clash. At one point, the singer screams: ‘I ain’t no alpha male, not like I used to be’ as the band’s mission to spread love amongst the riffs is notched up a level and in-between songs he delivers gospel preaches including ‘We know how hard it is to make it in Aldershot’. It’s not long after this that the audience are dancing, putting on their balaclavas and – in some cases – getting out their air guitars.

As the blistering set finishes in walls of feedback, Dboy do as all good rock and roll bands do and leave the crowd desperate for more… Now, give your three-finger salute and sign up to the campaign – Dboy for President!


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