Annabel Allum – ‘You Got It Good

Photo credit: Stephanie Carral

Annabel Allum has shared ‘You Got it Good’, the first single from her forthcoming six-track EP on Killing Moon. Recorded with Adrian Hall (Anna Calvi, Goldfrapp) in his garden shed studio, the song was inspired by a cathartic conversation Annabel had with a close friend during a really low moment and focuses on the importance of mental health and supporting people having problems.

Mixing slacker pop melodies with distorted grunge-tinged riffs that wouldn’t feel out of place on the Captain Marvel soundtrack, the first minute of the song finds Annabel repeating the lines ‘You got it good, you got it’ and then offering to be there for her friend, packing a case of beers and suggesting: ‘Get in the car, let’s get out of here. I’ve never seen you so low, my dear’. The song finishes with an atmospheric Marika Hackman-style flourish of loud guitar as Annabel asks: ‘What if I told you this is how it’s meant to be?’


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