Cassels announce new album details and share video for title track ‘The Perfect Ending’

Cassels The Perfect Ending Big Scary Monsters BSM album 2019

Cassels have announced details of their new album ‘The Perfect Ending’ and shared the video for its title track. The record will be released via Big Scary Monsters and is available to pre-order now.

‘The Perfect Ending’ is guitarist and vocalist Jim Beck’s ‘attempt to put a positive spin on the fact climate change is going to kill us all’. He said he wanted to write about the importance of environmental issues in a non-preachy way so this song is told from the point of view of the plants that decide enough is enough of ‘This upright fleshy parasite (that) had been incredibly short-sighted’ and wipe out humanity.

A burst of birdsong and nature sounds signals the start of the video before making way for post-punky angular riffs and Jim’s observations: ‘Through all the cutting and chopping, the seeds had been plotting their revenge’. He then goes on to scathe the ignorance of much of the general public despite warnings about our attitude towards the environment from scientists around the globe: ‘Convince themselves the years of warnings would never come true. Focus their attentions on upgrading their iPhone 21s to the brand new iPhone 22’.


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