Lofi Legs – ‘Dreamin’

Lofi Legs indie Dreamin pop alternative San Francisco

San Francisco band Lofi Legs live up to their name with the short and sweet ‘Dreamin’. Appearing on their upcoming debut album ‘Lamb’, the song finds the real-life couple of Maria Donjacour and Paris Cox-Farr sharing their love in a way that is reminiscent of Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) or The Moldy Peaches ‘Anyone Else But You’.

Charming and swaying guitar strums and an appealing lo-fi feel find the duo reminiscing about ‘dreaming under the moonlight, holding you so tight, happy just to be with you’ and declaring how they’re going to be ‘staying a long time’ as their love only grows. They also look back wistfully on their past: ‘Now that I’m older I wish that I’d told her she’s the only thing on my mind’.


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