Jordan Moser – ‘The Devil’

Jordan Moser’s ‘The Devil’ is a folk- and country-tinged piece of storytelling that will hit you right where it hurts. Opening with acoustic strums over an eerie dream pop aesthetic, Jordan reveals all about his return to a loved one without changing his ways: ‘So you take me back as I am, not as you’d like me to be’ before than going on to offer more symbolic observations: ‘I may be blind but I’m full of penetrating vision’.

With its self-directed and edited video, this is the first song to be taken from Jordan’s ‘Long Night’ album (released on 26 July via Keeled Scales). It finds him looking at the stars for some guidance as he delivers rasping lines about faces being hidden behind pretty moons and celestial bodies failing to align and delivering a goosebump-inducing line about lost love that Guy Clark or Willy Mason would be proud of: ‘How am I gonna know where your hand’s gonna be on a night so dark? I’m reaching for you reaching but we both miss by far’


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