Super Lemon Days ‘No Slackin” stream

Super Lemon Days No Slackin stream

Hailing from just north of Birmingham, Super Lemon Days have already released a couple of EPs and played shows with emo heroes including Drug Church, Radiator Hospital and Apologies, I Have None. Now, they’re set to release ‘No Slackin”, a three-and-a-half-minute song that wonderfully blends in elements of slacker pop (of course) and more experimental tones.

Opening with a slow sway and distorted vocals, the heartfelt, almost-Interpol-style vocals and thunderous drums are soon joined by a riff that could have fallen out of J. Mascis’ back pocket. It then veers back into the more melodic side of things with profound observations (‘We didn’t choose this life at all, it doesn’t make any sense’) and discussion of death beds being offered as the guitars flit between Pet Symmetry and Sunny Day Real Estate.


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