Little Slugger – ‘You’re On Your Own’


You're On Your Own Little Slugger

Brooklyn-via-Burlington VT power-poppers Little Slugger have shared ‘You’re On Your Own’, the first single to be taken from new album ‘I Want to Live Here Forever’ (out on 19 July and available to pre-order now).

Formed by childhood friends Sam Bevet and Ben Chugg, the Little Slugger sound is HUGE. It’s packed with killer hooks and instantly appealing melodies you’ll be humming for days – and ‘You’re On Your Own’ is the perfect introduction. It opens with a big blast of bass and drums before veering into a more Beach Slang or The Replacements direction, albeit with added synthy beats and lyrics about lost romance as the friends try to help each other through a sticky patch of unreciprocated love: ‘She didn’t know you then, she didn’t love you anymore’.

The song expertly ramps up the pace (‘Well, it’s a little messed up but I think you could fight it’), culminating in a vibrant power-pop guitar solo before settling back down around the 2.30 mark and giving breathing space for the most important and loving advice: ‘Knowing who you are starts to feel too hard. You don’t get falling back on pro-beliefs and shooting stars. She didn’t know you then. She didn’t love you then so it goes now, kid, you know you’re on your own again’.


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