Liam Gallagher shares video for ‘Shockwave’ and announces ‘Why Me? Why Not’ album details

Liam Gallagher Shockwave video stream Why Me? Why Not? single 2019

Liam Gallagher has swaggered back into the spotlight with ‘Shockwave’ and now the former Oasis frontman has shared a video (directed by the award-winning Francois Rousselet) for the single that literally sees him burning down the house as he walks through America’s deep south. It even gives a cheeky nod to THAT viral video of him making a cup of tea…

The song itself finds Liam in snarling, stomping form as he sings about how ‘It’s coming round like a shockwave’ over Bolan-esque riffs and the backing chants of ‘Hey!’ are just made for the big venues and outdoor spaces Liam will be playing over the year ahead. He’s in defiant, gnarly mood as he first tells the song’s subject: ‘You made your bed all pretty. You reap what you sow. Backstabbed all your friends. And yes it’s all about who you know’ before then giving a warning: ‘Brace yourself world, it’s about to blow your mind’.

Pre-order ‘Why Me? Why Not’ via Liam’s website and receive priority access to his upcoming, as-yet-unannounced, live dates.



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