Boy Scouts – ‘Hate Ya 2’

Boy Scounts band artist musician Taylor Vick Hate Ya 2 stream

Photo credit: Rachel McCord

Previously signed to our friends at Super Fan 99 Records, Boy Scouts (aka Taylor Vick) has moved to Anti Records and is getting set to release her new album ‘Free Company’ on 30 August – and you can get a taster of what’s to come by watching the animated video for ‘Hate Ya 2’ below.

Taylor grew up on a musical diet of The Carpenters and Dixie Chicks but this song, especially in her falsetto vocals and Rose Droll’s melancholic piano, sounds something akin to Tori Amos meeting up with Soccer Mommy for an impromptu jam sesssion.

There’s a real emotion in the lyrics that capture the confusion of trying to let go of a love that you know isn’t quite right: ‘I don’t know why I love you and hate ya too, I hate ya too. I don’t know why you’d fall through when I’d count on you.’ The song comes to an abrupt halt when Taylor asks: ‘Have I really only had one rule? The driver’s seat and passenger soul’.


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