Boy Scouts – ‘That’s Life Honey’

Photo Credit: Tonje Thilesen

Oakland, California-based singer-songwriter Boy Scouts – aka Taylor Vick – has shared the video for ‘That’s Life Honey’ ahead of the releae of new album ‘Wayfinder’ via ANTI- on 1 October (Pre-order HERE). A former Super Fan 99 signing, Taylor says the song is a tragicomedy ‘about trying to make light of a shitty situation’.

Opening with chilled-out guitar hooks, the song starts with Taylor describing how the ocean is ‘the master of beautiful rage’ before looking at their own experiences and trying to make sense of a difficult situation – and all the other issues this can lead to: ‘Write it down and rewire my brain. Well, I wanted to but I don’t have the money’. As the song progresses with gently lilting keys, there’s a more defiant tone in the lyrics – ‘My burdens should become yours now’ – before Taylor comes to a darkly humorous conclusion: ‘If I were to die by volcano, I’d be laughing at the irony’.


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