Failed Flowers – ‘Faces’

Failed Flowers Faces Anna Burch 2019

Fred Thomas and Anna Burch’s Failed Flowers project have shared ‘Faces’ (order here), a song that features as part of Slumberland Records SLR30 Singles Series. The Michigan band was formed back in 2014 and ‘Faces’ is the first song that Anna (whose ‘Quit the Curse‘ album from last year was one of our favourites) brought to the band.

Keeping chillwave alive from the first note, Anna opens by singing how ‘there’s a sense of urgency when you talk to me’ over jangly hooks that fall somewhere between a more melodic Deerhunter and the melancholy side of Tigers Jaw. As the song races through its two minutes and 11 seconds-running time, elements of distortion are thrown in as Anna pleads ‘take me back to a place I forget’.



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