Noël Wells – ‘Still Sleeping’

Noel Wells Master on None SNL music career still sleeping solo project

Photo credit: Stevie Nelson

Master of None and Saturday Night Live star Noël Wells has shared the video for ‘Still Sleeping’ from her debut record, ‘It’s So Nice!’.

The short and sweet song opens with folky guitars and Noël reminiscing on how she ‘woke up howling at the moon’. She then goes on to recall personal experiences that fit somewhere between Bruce Springsteen’s character-driven storytelling and Hayley Heynderickx’s honesty and openness: ‘I knew a man who knew it all, he said ‘girl, you gotta learn to climb but don’t you fall’. He spent life conquering walls but never learned to take the call ’cause he’s still sleeping’.

As the song moves towards its final moments, the blurred lines between dreams and reality come to the forefront as Noël repeats how ‘we’re still sleeping’.


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