Caspian share ‘Flowers of Light’ ahead of ‘On Circles’ album release

Caspian Flowers of Light video stream

Massachusetts post-rockers Caspian have made a welcome return with the release of new single ‘Flowers of Light’ ahead of new album ‘On Circles’ on 24 January (Triple Crown Records – pre-order here).

Described by guitarist/keyboardist Phillip Jamieson as ‘our attempt to find the intersection between propulsive, relentless energy and a trance like sense of reverie’, the song expertly blends elements of shoegaze and ambient noise in a hopeful way that brings to mind bands like Hope of the States and Explosions in the Sky. Clocking in at just over 5 minutes long, the track drives to its immensely satisfying riff-laden and electro-tinged conclusion in a way that leaves you happily breathless.



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