Ásgeir – ‘Pictures’

Ásgeir Pictures

Ásgeir has shared the evocative video for ‘Pictures’ ahead of the release of new album ‘Bury the Moon’ on 7 February (One Little Indian Records). The video finds the Icelandic artist immersing himself in nature and shows his connection to the country’s beautiful roots, landscapes and music.

The entire record was influenced by Icelandic folk music and landscapes and evolved from stripped-down acoustic recordings into something really quite special. Covering ‘how our dreams come alive in the nighttime’, ‘Pictures’ is a song that Ásgeir claims ‘depict the importance of not thinking more of your country than other countries of yourself over other people and the importance of unity between people’. It opens in atmospheric, almost eerie fashion as delicate acoustic strums are joined by Ásgeir’s powerful falsetto and lyrics about where we currently find ourselves on a global scale: ‘You can hear the engines running, the world is changing rapidly into much uncertainty’.

There’s much for Arcade Fire, Efterklang and Meursault fans to enjoy as Ásgeir talks about how we all live under the same sun despite our differences and should celebrate this as subtle bursts of brass are thrown into the mix: ‘When darkness falls, we wander out into the night, and realise our dreams and shed our human plight.’


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