Babehoven – ‘Only So’

Babehoven Only So video Demonstrating Visible Difference of Height

Philadelphia-via-Los Angeles band Babehoven have shared the video for ‘Only So’, the third single to be taken from upcoming EP ‘Demonstrating Visible Difference of Height’ (out 7 February).

Maya Bon says ”Only So’ was written to communicate a moment of despair. This song represents my intention to draw a line in the sand, to set intentions for my healing and boundaries for my struggle’. It’s a song that finds Maya opening up about her exhaustion on both a personal and global level and considering what she can do to help things improve: ‘When my eyes cross, I feel so lost’; ‘Now it’s daytime and I’m leaving home to try something new’.

It has an almost serene opening with contemplative lyrics that recall acts like Waxahatchee, Conor Oberst or Hand Habits. Soon, subtle drums are added to Maya’s vocals and slow-burning guitar as Maya poignantly admits ‘there’s only so much destruction I can take’. She then desperately – and perhaps fruitlessly- tries to find support from the song’s subject: ‘I know that you’re not the talking type but I thought you’d grown. The world’s on fire, I’ll leave the light on, I want to sleep in the day. I’d rather be lost than a loner. Wish I had the choice anyway’.


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