Innerlove – ‘Fine By Me’ EP review

Innerlove Fine By Me EP review 2020 Know Hope Records

A brand new band (only formed in late 2019!), Innerlove will release their debut EP ‘Fine By Me’ on 27 March via Know Hope Records. The ethos of the band is to ‘write songs with the intention of communicating feelings of hopefulness and self-perseverance’ without shying away from the harder times we all go through.

The band’s emo tendencies shine through on ‘Enough’ with its angular guitars, A Great Big Pile of Leaves-style harmonies and lyrics about being ‘sick and tired of life’. There are conflicted feelings as the band state both ‘I’ve tried over and over not to give up on what we’ve built’ and then ‘you make me want to pull out my hair’. These mixed feelings continue through on the Into It. Over It.-esque ‘Hell’: ‘I wish I cut myself off. I’m sick of living in Hell’.

‘Relax’ combines math and post rock elements with plenty of twinkle as the band offer up a comforting message of support for someone in trouble: ‘Stay afloat on your sinking boat’; ‘make it out alive’. ‘All the Weight’ is more nostalgic and whimsical with group chants and longing lyrics: ‘I used to be happy go lucky but as of late I’ve been losing some of myself’; ‘I need some time to collect my mind’. The closing ‘Fine By Me’ is more genteel is full of unrequited wishes of changing the world and the power of self-belief.

This EP is more than fine by us – we can’t wait to hear more…


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