China Bears – ‘I’m Not Eating Like I Used To’

China Bears I'm Not Eating Like I Used To

Fierce Panda signings China Bears have made a welcome return with new single ‘I’m Not Eating Like I Used To’. Recorded at Temple Studios in Taunton, the track was engineered by Daniel Young, mixed by James Kenosha and mastered by Pete Maher and finds the band delving into a melodic new wave-meets-shoegaze sound in its opening throes.

There’s a sense of self-reflection as Ivan Proctor opens up his heart and claims ‘I’ve never seen her look like that before it all changed’ and admits ‘I couldn’t say where I’d be without you. Do you know how important to me you are?’

As the song ups the pace, it arrives in a spot somewhere between Fatherson and The Districts at their most heartbreakingly anthemic: ‘Do you think that they can see it, my eyes puffed up like a child? Oh I tried my best to hide it, but the thought of you tears me up inside… And now I can’t help but question why I’m here.’



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