Adeline Hotel – ‘Trace’

Adeline Hotel Trace Bandcamp

An indie-folk collective that specialises in the heartfelt and wistful indie-folk sound that serves Big Thief and Wilco so well, Adeline Hotel have shared new single ‘Trace’ ahead of the release of new album ‘Solid Love’ via Whatever’s Clever Records on 8 May.

‘Trace’ opens gently with swaying, tender melodies as guitarist and singer Dan Knishkowy looks back on fond – and not so fond (‘that cruel September’) – memories and examines the way that things can change in an instant. Subtly stirring strings and bursts of brass are added into the mix as Dan claims ‘I want to feel the soul to the sea through my fingers’ before talking about leaving a trace of his life with a loved one before the song finishes in a breathtaking Dawes-style burst of intricately put-together instrumentation.


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