Lindsay Munroe – ‘Split’

Lindsay Munroe Split 2020

A singer-songwriter inspired by the likes of PJ Harvey and Sharon Van Etten (the latter of whom has already sang her praises), Lindsay Munroe has shared ‘Split’ – the second single to be taken from her forthcoming EP ‘Our Heaviness’ (released on 8 May via AWAL Records). Produced by Chris Hamilton, the EP also features The Big Moon’s Fern Ford on percussion and follows Lindsay’s tours with acts including Luke Sital-Singh and David Kitt.

Taking a look back at her time growing up in conservative religious environments and revealing how this affected her confidence when it came to following her own beliefs and being herself, Lindsay describes ‘Split’ as ‘one of the rawest songs I have written’. It opens in a sparser tone that brings to mind Laura Marling or Tomberlin (especially in the subject matter and powerful wordplay: ”I split myself in two every time I towed the line’) before the full band pick up the pace and drive the song into something that would sit perfectly next to Kevin Devine and Sharon Van Etten in your collection: ‘It’s in the silver pieces of my shame, I find myself again. I yearn to be contained.’; ‘I can’t love you when I’m so afraid’


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