Charli Adams – ‘Superpowers’

Charli Adams Superpowers 2020 Color Study

Photo credit: Jasmine Archie

Charli Adams follows her highly acclaimed debut EP ‘Good at Being Young’ with new single ‘Superpowers’. Written during the lockdown, the song encapsulates the feelings of so many right now as they miss loved ones and wonder what opportunities have slipped away during this period of isolation. Charli says about writing this song: ‘I felt far away from the people that I love and I remembered a conversation I had with a guy I wished I could see. The last time I saw him, we were debating what superpower was superior and concurred that it was definitely transportation. He and I had always felt like we could save our connection for another time, and that one day we would realise we were ‘the ones that got away’. The second verse is about realising I had taken that for granted. There’s never been a time that I wished for that superpower more than I did in that moment.’

The video features stunning visuals created by Charli while the song opens in subtle, sparse and serene style as she compares the way nature is dealing with Coronavirus to the human race: ‘The birds are out flying like nothing is wrong. We’re sat here crying on the telephone’. Charli wistfully sings about this lost love with raw emotion (‘We talked superpowers and what we would do for those now. Teleport over a bed of flowers, this spring is bringing me down. Oh, what I’d do to have you around’) before finally asking ‘Is it ever gonna come back around?’ – and you get the feeling this refers to so much more than a new romance.



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