Babehoven – ‘Dissociative Tally’

Babehoven Dissociative Tally

Babehoven have shared the video for ‘Dissociative Tally’ ahead of the release of new mini EP ‘Yellow has a pretty good reputation‘ on 19 June. Songwriter Maya Bon says the song is ‘largely about feeling detached from my sense of self. As someone who struggles with dissociative tendencies, sometimes I feel like I’m moving around in a foggy dream. This song explores that experience.’

Recorded straight to tape, the deliberately structured, almost-hypnotic sound has a DIY feel as Maya declares ‘I’m not really a songwriter like I used to be’ with Daniel Johnston-style levels of self-depreciation: ‘I remember choosing three notes randomly. Driving in my car I woke up half-asleep, living in a fog-land. Hard to lock eyes’. She finishes the folk-tinged song with pining poignancy as she gently repeats the words ‘I’m afraid of losing you’.




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