Lindsay Munroe – ‘River’

Photo credit: Billy Holmes

Lindsay Munroe follows up the Sharon Van Etten-approved ‘Split’ with new single ‘River’. Both songs will appear on the forthcoming EP ‘Our Heaviness’.

Produced by Chris Hamilton (LUMP, Torres), the new track finds the singer-songwriter experimenting with new sounds and the hurt a tumultuous relationship can bring:  ‘I was in a long-term relationship that ended very suddenly and with a lot of heartbreak, but we were back together within 48 hours. Months later I found myself still experiencing heartbreak and broken trust but not knowing what to do with it.’

Opening with glacial and evocative guitar effects, Lindsay heartbreakingly confesses that reconciliation can’t remend this relationship: ‘I was asking for forgiveness, I was hiding from the pain. I was trying not to show you that it always feels the same’. She follows by admitting ‘I was breaking and breaking and breaking’ before the song heads in a more glitchy and experimental space around the 2.25 mark. It then heads back into the powerful kind of melodic soundscape that serves Anna Calvi so well.


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