Night Hikes – ‘Raven’

Artwork (NH - Raven)

Night Hikes have returned with ‘Raven’ – a beautiful piece that finds the duo of Matthew Farrell and Olivia Godby reflecting on the importance, confusion and hesitation that surrounds the climate crisis – and how taking immediate action will lead to a brighter future.

To accompany the release, Night Hikes are hosting an online seminar on June 7th to discuss ways to engage with climate justice, culminating in a mass calling of representatives to endorse the People’s Bailout.

Drenched in stirring synths, the dream pop aesthetics immediately recall acts including James Blake and London Grammar as the band look back on their own actions (‘And maybe I’m a little unkind. It’s my condition’) and the ‘fear of what has never been seen’ that grips so many. Both voices come together as they eloquently express how ‘We can aim, or we can balance. We can waste forgotten talents. There’s a chance for zero hour’.



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