Joe Futak – ‘Scrambling Around’


Signed to our friends at Fox Food Records, Joe Futak has shared new single ‘Scrambling Around’. The song opens with a bar-room piano sound that recalls Willy Mason’s early material before then heading into more baroque territory. Joe lays his heart on the line as he opens the song by admitting ‘Everything just makes me think of you and if I tried to tell you the truth, I’d probably cry’.

Joe continues to open up by looking how at his actions have led to a difficult situation (‘I’ve been hiding. I’ve been looking out through the blinds, terrified of losing. So scared I’ll fuck it up this time’; ‘trying not to wear you down’) and recounting the tale of a pair of the loved one’s shoes that arrived in the post. As the song picks up a gentle grandiose feel that will appeal to fans of Duke Special or Rufus Wainwright, Joe lovingly declares ‘I still want this, I still need this’ before deciding the best course of action is to let this person catch their breath before deciding what to do moving forwards.


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