Martha Hill – ‘Grilled Cheese’

Martha Hill Grilled Cheese song stream 2020

Martha Hill has shared new single ‘Grilled Cheese’, the first song to be taken from upcoming EP ‘Summer Up North’. Recorded during lockdown via Zoom, Martha says the song is ‘a dissection of a relationship. Daft arguments about food prep, bouncing off each other negatively, jealousy but in the end still believing things are going to get better’.

‘Grilled Cheese’ opens with a potent shout of ‘Hey!’ before Martha talks about how her relationship isn’t where she wants it to be: ‘My baby messed me around, yeah she don’t love me anymore and I know that for sure’. As the guitas strums build up the pace, Martha talks about the argument (‘she put her hands in the air and then the air turned sour’) before a defiant change of tack and determination to work things out: ‘Baby, I’ll still go for gold’. As this positive energy channels through Martha’s voice, the riffs become chunkier and more anthemic (reminding us of Hayley Williams in full flow), although there’s still a tinge of doubt: ‘I walk into the room and I’m a stranger. I wish that we could feel better’.



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