Ben Folds – ‘2020’


Ben Folds sums up all of our feelings about the past six months in his new single ‘2020’: ‘New Year’s Eve, don’t it seem like decades ago? Back in 2019, back when life was slow’. A piano ballad with relatable lyrics for anyone who’s been socially distancing and obeying all the rules, Folds compares the events of this year to the 1918 pandemic, the Great Depression, the Civil Rights protests of the ’60s and a few other events.

Ben finishes the song with a warning that ‘We’re not repeating history, just the parts that sucked. 2020… what the actual fuck?’ – and then a reminder we still have half the year to go! As stated in the press release: ‘Here’s to hoping for some stability in 2021, and to eventually looking back and understanding that this year, uncomfortable as it has been, took to to get us to a better place. Until then, hold on to our hats’.


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