I Like Trains – ‘Dig In’

Photo credit: Ben Bentley

I Like Trains have shared the video for ‘Dig In’, the second single to be taken from their long-awaited new album ‘KOMPROMAT’ (out on 21 August via Atlantic Curve). The timely song is one ‘for those morally bankrupt schemers who have managed to leverage extraodinary power and wealth while never being on the ballot’ according to vocalist David Martin.

With scuzzy bass and militant drums backing up the Wire-esque post-punk guitars and new wave synths, David delivers toxic lines with venom including ‘It’s all for your benefit. I’ve been a heel. I’ve been a credit to all of the liars I’ve stood on to get here. Timing is everything. I’ll show you the ropes’ and ‘Stick to the script, I’ll cover our backs’. It’s a frantic anthem that will make you want to test your eyesight on a trip to Barnard Castle (or break all kinds of rules to ensure your foreign property is ‘Covid secure’) and shout out the key line: ‘I HAVE NO SHAME’.



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