Pozi – ‘176’ EP review


Named after a London bus route that runs all the way from Penge to Tottenham Court Road, Pozi’s new EP ‘176’ finds the political punks discussing everything from paranoia to social anxiety, jealousy and fever dreams – so, a potential soundtrack to 2020?

‘Whitewashing’ opens the EP with angular stop-start guitar hooks and stuttered vocals about how ‘some people want to trap you’. The band then focus on those who are being taken advantage of: ‘Some people sit in silence, some people suffer in silence’. The title track follows with a dark bass sound, almost robotic delivery of the lyrics (‘take it from a man who knows’ and abstract vibes that recalls Bambara or even The Clash. ‘The Nightmare’ is a 6 Music favourite bursting with ‘oh-ohs’ and striking delivery of lines like ‘disgusting’ and ‘the terror is real, the horror is real, the nightmare is real’ over ear-piercing sounds.

’40 Faces’ is a more folk-tinged effort (although with added Nick Cave-style bleak atmospherics) , before the closing, haunting ‘While You Wait’ has yelped lyrics about licking plates and how ou should ‘Sleep. Blink. Wide awake’.

Hop aboard the ‘176’ for an incredible journey through the complexities and frustrations of the modern world.


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