Enjoyable Listens -‘The Key of Innocence’

When you call your band Enjoyable Listens, you need to ensure your sound lives up to the name. The duo of Duffett and Jamie Maurice have managed to achieve this (and so much more) with new single ‘The Key of Innocence’. Formed in 2018 when both members lived in a derelict pub in Greenwich, the Enjoyable Listens story started when the band decided to busk – in costume – outside the Cutty Sark. They then went on to play all the famous London venues and land support slots with The Orielles and British Sea Power.

The latter are brought to mind with the ‘Waving Flags’-style intro on ‘The Key of Innocence’ that soon morphs into something more atmospheric and in line with Doves’ ‘Lost Souls’ album. Before you know it, some marvellously melodic nuggets of a New Romantic sound are coming to the fore and there’s also a nostalgic bent as the band recall looking over photos from 1997

Enjoyable Listens · The Key Of Innocence



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