Crake – ‘Enough Salt (For All Dogs)’

Crake Saddle Creek Leeds

Photo credit: Shaun Page

Crake, a Leeds-based four piece who were asked to go on tour with Big Thief after impressing their guitarist Buck Meek during a support slot at one of his solo shows at the Brudenell Social Club, have shared new single ‘Enough Salt (For All Dogs)’.

As part of Saddle Creek’s Document series, the song will feature on a two-track 7″ single and come with an accompanying zine when it’s released on 18 September. Singer and guitarist Rowan Sandle said: ‘Working with Saddle Creek feels like the tying together of some improbable tapestry, one that started with me aged 16, wide eyed whilst scrolling through their artist webpages loading slow and stuttering onto an early 2000s desktop. The seven inch brings together all we could hold dear as a band – a family feel label that cares deeply for its artists, an excuse to explore new themes and storytelling, and a grateful opportunity to share our work with a wider audience.’

Self-produced by the band, ‘Enough Salt (For All Dogs)’ has a subtle yet sonic feel with hair-raising drums and poetic, eye-opening lyrics about being unfaithful, licking wounds and how sometimes things can go on too long. It has shimmering guitar sounds, luscious vocal melodies, nods towards dream pop and – at just two minutes and eight seconds long – leaves you wanting so much more.


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