Snow Coats – ‘Navy Blue’

Snow Coats Nab

Snow Coats follow up the Dutch Indie XL #1 chart success of ‘Pool Girl’ with new single ‘Navy Blue’. Available via Alcopop! Records now, it will feature on forthcoming debut EP ‘Pool Girl’ (out on 11 September). Anouk van der Kamp says the song is ‘about having friends that are different than you are, but you understand and love each other nonetheless’ – a message so many of us could learn from in the current climate.

The short and sweet blast of potent power pop finds Anouk asking her friend if they really want to talk about differences when ‘you and I go good together, like you in your favourite sweater’. The overriding message seems to be to see the world through others’ eyes and celebrate the interests you do share (‘I know now in this moment some things are just less important’) as well as your closeness to loved ones: ‘You and I go good together like hot tea and stormy weather’. The song captures the melancholic yet melodic tone of Sl0tface, especially when Anouk admits the state of the world can make her overthink things and be a hypocrite…


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