Kynsy – ‘Cold Blue Light’

Kynsy Cold Blue Light

Photo credit: Paula Trojner

Kynsy, the solo project of Dublin-based 23-year-old multi-instrumentalist Ciara Lindsey, has shared the self-directed video for her debut single ‘Cold Blue Light’. Partly inspired by the vicious racist remarks spouted by a fellow party-goer at a New Year’s Eve party a few years ago, the rowdy yet evocative song is all about ‘the bullies we all encounter in life and looking for meaning in the darkness they create’.

Inspired by musicians as diverse as Iggy Pop, St. Vincent and Julian Casablancas, Kynsy spits out lyrics about the subject’s old-fashioned and prejudiced views and asks if they talk to their mother (‘is it an effort to replicate your youth?’) in the same way over electronic beats. DIY agit-pop melodies and a killer guitar solo halfway through come to the fore as they back up the song’s repeated mantra: ‘I watch the world dissipate’.



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