Snow Coats – ‘Pool Girl’ EP review

Dutch indie-pop four piece Snow Coats have released their new EP ‘Pool Girl’ via Alcopop! Records and it’s sure to bring some sunshine into your September and beyond.

Opening with the vibrant power pop hooks of the the title track, the EP finds vocalist Anouk van der Kamp celebrating being an outsider: ‘If I can’t be as cool as you, I’ll be the nerd’. She then looks back on her bittersweet experiences of high school while sharing her anxieties: ‘Where there is smoke I see fire and gasoline’. Anouk opens up the following song ‘Set and Replay’ by asking ‘Am I saying words you don’t understand because everything you do just doesn’t make sense?’ She follows this by challenging the subject to change their behaviour (‘Just tell me what you want, is it so hard?) as the song veers from an emo-tinged Tegan and Sara sound into something more Americana infused.

‘Jersey Weather’ is an honest and heartbreaking song about trying to move on even though ‘saying goodbye just doesn’t feel right’. It finds Anouk delivering the perfect metaphor to describe an incompatible relationship – ‘I am stormy Jersey weather, you like T-shirts better’ – while the closing ‘Navy Blue’ reminds us of Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever with its urgent and passionate, mandolin-led indie rock sound: ‘You and I go good together like you in your favourite sweater’.

Wrap yourselves up in Snow Coats’ gorgeous sound.


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