Carla J Easton featuring Honeyblood – ‘Weirdo’

Carla J Easton and Honeyblood – ‘Weirdo’

‘I’ve often been told I am weird – like that’s a derogatory word,’ says Glasgow singer-songwriter Carla J Easton. ‘Let’s be clear – normal doesn’t exist. The things that make me weird are the things that make me, me.’

It’s fitting that Carla’s new album – written over the course of a year spent sofa-surfing – is called ‘Weirdo’. With its massive synths, bass and beats, the title track features Honeyblood and is a certified pop banger – think a Chvrches remix of Sl0tface – as Carla realises she doesn’t have to pretend to be anyone else and can fly away from any ‘messy situation’.

Carla J Easton and Honeyblood – ‘Weirdo’ stream


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