A.S. Fanning – ‘All Time’

Photo credit: Tom Taylor

Berlin via Dublin singer songwriter A.S.Fanning has shared new single ‘All Time’ ahead of the release of new album ‘You Should Go Mad’ via Proper Octopus Records on 13 November.

The 7-minute piece blends elements of shoegaze with airy dream pop guitar hooks and baritone vocals that fit somewhere between Matt Berninger, Warren Zevon and Scott Walker. It starts with Fanning recalling some reassuring words he gave to a companion when he was just 16 (‘You know I’m happy to be your friend’) before opening up about his struggles at the age of 32 and declaring ‘I love you tonight for all time’. He then muses on how ‘Time is a thief, always hanging around, it’ll take anything that ain’t nailed down, but of course I’m scared. Everything will be lost that’s not been shared’ before admitting, with a touch of regret, that ‘Some day we’ll forget everything’.


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