Gold Baby – ‘Versailles’

Gold Baby have shared ‘Versailles’ and the song finds the band in more introspective mood than we’ve heard before. Recorded in lockdown, the song explores the physical and emotional space between two people who are trying to re-establish some kind of relationship. Siân Alex says: ‘Versailles is a song that just came out one day, like a splinter that I didn’t know had been buried there. I think the thing is with songs like that, that they’re usually brewing for a long time in the back of your mind before they turn into something’.

The stripped-back sound has the spirit of ‘Nebraska’ running through it while other reference points could be Fiona Apple with Siân looking back on this past relationship in detail and pondering the reasons for its breakdown, painfully recalling the moment when both parties realised the inevitable: ‘You don’t even see me. We’re done from the start and when we speak it’s so obvious we’ve grown apart. What are we but strangers now forcing conversation? What are we but strangers now forcing conversation of our little Versaille?’

The powerful metaphors continue to come as Siân reveals ‘There’s barbed wire between us whenever we speak’ before heartbreakingly telling the subject ‘I’m sorry if I let you down’ over and over again.


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