Skullcrusher – ‘Song for Nick Drake’

Skullcrusher music video Song for Nick Drake

Skullcrusher (LA-based musician Helen Ballentine) pays homage to one of her favourite songwriters on new single ‘Song for Nick Drake’ – and BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac has already chosen it as ‘Hottest Record in the World’.

As you’d expect from its title, the song is a special blend of sad pop that shows how important a role your favourite artist can have in shaping your life. Helen starts the song reminiscing about spending ‘All day at the bookstore, curled up in the same chair’ where she found herself lost in Nick Drake’s music. She then considers journeys in her past that have been soundtracked by the beloved singer-songwriter- whether by train or by foot: ‘I walked home alone with your song in my head finally understanding something in what you said’.


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