The Natvral – ‘Why Don’t You Come Out Anymore?’

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart Kip Berman solo record Why Don't You Come Out Anymore?
Photo credit: Remy Holwick

Former The Pains of Being Pure at Heart singer/songwriter Kip Berman has announced details of ‘Tethers’, his debut solo album as The Natvral (Pre-order via Dirty Bingo here). To celebrate this announcement, he has also shared the video for ‘Why Don’t You Come Out Anymore?’

Informed by catching up with a friend and noticing that their hair is greying and that they now wear a wedding band, the song evaluates the reasons why people lose touch in today’s busy world. Kip has become a parent and moved from Brooklyn to Princeton since TPOBPAH split up and this has made him re-evaluate his priorities – and also find a new Dylan-meets-Big Thief sound. It’s a personal piece full of nostalgic flourishes (‘The bars we used to close down have all closed down now. You’d put a twenty in the jukebox just to hear a silent song’) that also finds Kip looking at his own actions: ‘I tell you I’m no better, and you’ve always known that true.’


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